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Southeastern Missouri Car Accident Claims the Lives of Two Children

By John Page on August 14, 2012 - Comments off

A two-car accident outside Kennett in southeastern Missouri resulted in the deaths of two children and injuries to six other people, according to a recent news report from KSDK.

The auto accident occurred when one vehicle, traveling west on a road adjacent to State Road 153, tried to pull onto the state road. Instead, it pulled into the path of a second vehicle, which was traveling north on the state road. The driver of the second vehicle was unable to stop or swerve in time to avoid the crash, according to preliminary reports.

Everyone was wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident except for the driver of the first vehicle, according to investigators. Nonetheless, two passengers in the first vehicle, a six-year-old and a nine-year-old, suffered fatal injuries and were pronounced dead at the scene. A third child, one year old, was seriously injured and rushed to a children’s hospital.

The four passengers in the second vehicle, including an adult driver and three young passengers, suffered minor injuries and declined emergency care, instead opting to seek medical attention on their own.

When another driver on the road is careless, you and those you love may be seriously injured or even killed. At Page Law, our diligent St. Louis fatal car accident lawyers can help you get the compensation you need after an accident occurs. To learn more about how we can help you during this difficult time, call us today at (314) 322-8515 for a free case evaluation.


Five Year Old Boy Dies in Missouri Car Crash

By John Page on August 25, 2010 - Comments off

Tragically, a five year old boy was killed and eight people were injured in a Missouri automobile accident. The accident occurred on U.S. Highway 60 in Newton County, according to a report on

The accident happened when a vehicle that was headed north entered the path of a westbound car. The vehicles collided and sent both cars rolling down a steep embankment. The child was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The boy’s parents, his 2 and 7 year old siblings, and another passenger were transported to the hospital and treated for injuries. The driver and two passengers of the other car were taken to the same hospital for treatment.

Although the reason for this crash isn’t clear, many crashes of this type occur as a result of distracted driving in Missouri. Some typical distracted activities that occur while driving are using a cell phone, eating and drinking, using a GPS and changing a radio station. In 2008 alone, more than 20 percent of all crashes involved some form of distraction. Almost 6,000 people were killed nationwide and over half a million were injured in accidents that were caused by distracted drivers. Studies show that using a cell phone while driving impairs a driver’s ability as much as having a blood alcohol concentration of .08.

Distracted driving in Missouri and throughout the U.S. is a huge issue today. Many states are passing laws that ban cell phones or texting while driving, but accidents due to distracted driving are still increasing. If you or someone you know has been the victim of an accident caused by a distracted driver, contact the St. Louis car accident injury attorneys at Page Law today at 314-322-8515 for a free consultation.


Missouri College Administrator Killed in 3-Car Wreck

By John Page on July 16, 2010 - Comments off

A Kirkwood Community college administrator was killed in a frontal impact car accident in central Missouri while on her way to the Ozarks for a vacation. Eight other passengers were injured in the accident.

According to, a man was driving eastbound on Highway 54 when he attempted to pass another car. While attempting to pass, he struck the victim’s car, sending it into the opposite lane where it hit another car head-on. The driver of the car that was being passed, as well as two passengers in his car, suffered serious injuries. Five people in the car that was hit head-on were injured and were taken to the hospital. The man who caused the wreck was not injured and was taken to the Audrain County Jail.

Tragically, fatal vehicle accidents occur every day in this country because someone decided to make a dangerous passing maneuver. It’s important to always be on the lookout not only for someone trying to pass you, but also for other drivers on the road that could be attempting to pass.

If you want to pass a car, signal your intentions before passing. Before you pass, check to be sure that no one is passing you. While you are passing, watch carefully for other drivers that could be entering the roadway. Always assume that vehicles approaching from the opposite direction will not slow down to allow you to complete the pass. If the vehicle that you are attempting to pass speeds up, do not complete the pass.

A huge percentage of the automobile accidents in Missouri that occur each year are due to some form of driver negligence, including dangerous passing techniques, as it occurred in this accident. If you or someone you love has been injured due to another driver’s negligence, you are entitled to compensation and deserve to have your rights protected. Contact the skilled St. Louis car accident attorneys at Page Law today at 314-322-8515.


Fatal Missouri Car Accident on U.S. 65

By John Page on April 7, 2010 - Comments off

An 83-year-old man was killed in Hughesville, Missouri near the intersection of Hughesville Road and Route 65. After failing to yield to oncoming traffic on U.S. 65, his car was struck on the driver’s side by a vehicle containing a family of four, according to an ABC 17 News report. The man had been driving eastbound on Hughesville Road while the vehicle that struck him was driving southbound on U.S. 65. A few occupants in the other car involved sustained moderate personal injuries and were treated in a nearby hospital.

Failing to yield to oncoming traffic can be a costly and even a fatal mistake as this accident proves. In 2008, there were over 10,000 total crashes resulting in 85 fatalities in Missouri when drivers failed to yield the right-of-way. This collision occurred on a state numbered route. These routes have the highest percentage of total crashes and the highest percentage of fatal crashes.

In Missouri, at-fault drivers who fail to yield the right-of-way can be held liable for personal injuries caused. Victims of these accidents can pursue compensation for medical expenses including hospitalization fees, lost wages and other related damages. If the at-fault driver is deceased, the victims can file a claim for compensation against his estate or his liability insurance company.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Missouri car accident, please call the experienced St. Louis sideswipe collision attorneys of Page Law. Our skilled personal injury lawyers are ready to provide you with a free, comprehensive consultation. If a loved one was injured due to another person’s negligence or wrongdoing, we will assist you in holding the at-fault party liable. Let us work with you to get the compensation and support you deserve. Call 314-322-8515 today.



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