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Missouri Accident Statistics Show Car-Train Accidents are Rare, but Dangerous

By John Page on June 21, 2011 - Comments off

Each year, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MDOT) gathers statistics on all types of motor vehicle accidents in Missouri and releases the information to state, federal, and local government and law enforcement to assist in prevention and other strategies to reduce serious accidents. The 2009 Accident Statistics Manual, the most recent collection, shows that railroad accidents involving car and train collisions are less common in Missouri than car, truck, pedestrian, and bicycle accidents – but that these accidents can still be deadly.

In 2009, there were a total of seven car-train crashes in Missouri. Two of the crashes involved fatalities; a total of three people lost their lives in a Missouri railroad accident in 2009. Two more people were injured in such crashes, while the remaining three managed to escape injury.

These numbers look quite small compared to the 44,902 motor vehicle accidents that occurred in traffic in 2009, the 4,102 accidents involving a bicyclist, or the 238 accidents in which a car hit a pedestrian. But, with three lives lost and two injuries, railroad accidents were more likely to cause serious injury or death than any other kind of car crash. It’s not hard to imagine why; a train is much larger and heavier than a car and may be traveling with a great deal of speed, resulting in large amounts of damage when it collides with a passenger vehicle. The force of the crash can have tragic results.

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