Highway 44 Accident

Missouri Department of Transportation to Pay Family of Crash Victim

By John Page on January 21, 2010 - Comments off

The Missouri Department of Transportation will now have to pay the family of a woman who died on Highway 44 on Dec. 6, 2005. Investigators said traffic on the Vandeventer exit was so backed up on that day that the 28-year-old victim’s car was still on Highway 44 as she waited to get onto the exit. A semi approaching from behind could not stop in time and pushed the woman’s car underneath the semi in front of her. She was killed instantly. Her family was awarded $1.3 million after a panel of arbitrators agreed that the Missouri Department of Transportation should have warned drivers approaching the exit. There had been a problem with traffic congestion at that location for months.

It is important for attention to be given to the safety and quality of highway onramps and exits throughout Missouri. Dangerous road conditions have been known to play direct roles in causing auto crashes. State departments and government entities have the responsibility to make sure that roads are safe and motorists are informed of road conditions.

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