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Motorcycle Collision with SUV and Tractor Trailer Leaves Two Dead in Kansas City, Missouri

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Two people were killed and one was seriously injured in an accident involving two motorcycles, an SUV and a big rig in Kansas City, Missouri on Wednesday, June 22, according to The crash happened on US 169 near I-435 late into the evening. The two motorcycles and the SUV crashed head-on. Shortly after the first accident, a tractor trailer attempted to avoid the crash site but ran over one of the injured motorcycle drivers.

Location of the accident:

Police say that a passenger on one of the motorcycles died as a result of the crash with the SUV. The driver of the motorcycle that was hit by the tractor trailer was also killed in the crash. The driver of the other motorcycle was taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. The driver of the SUV and the driver of the tractor trailer did not sustain injuries in the crash.

Many important questions need to be answered in the aftermath of such a serious crash. Police are still piecing together what happened. It will be critical to determine why the SUV and the motorcycles collided in the first place. Was it because the motorcycles were passing someone and went into the SUV’s lane or did the SUV swerve into their lane? Was the tractor trailer driver going too fast or not paying enough attention to avoid hitting the downed motorcyclist?

These types of questions will determine liability in a situation like this. It is important to talk to a lawyer in the aftermath of such a crash so that you can figure out whether you can recover money after being involved in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. If you or a loved-one has been the victim in a serious tractor trailer crash or a serious motorcycle crash, call our Missouri tractor trailer motorcycle crash lawyers at Page Law for a free consultation at 314-322-8515. Our experienced attorneys will ask the right questions and help put you on the path to recovery after a serious accident.


Motorcycle Crash in Peoria, Illinois Injures Passenger

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A motorcycle driver and his passenger were thrown from the bike in Peoria, Illinois on June 26, 2011, according to Witnesses say that the driver lost control of the motorcycle crash happened when he ran over a curb. Both the driver and the passenger were tossed from the motorcycle as the driver attempted to make a turn onto Farmington Road.

The female passenger was taken to a hospital with a laceration on her leg that was apparently bleeding quite badly after the accident. Witnesses say that the male driver took the motorcycle from the scene of the accident and left it on a nearby street before being picked up by a truck, leaving the injured woman alone to wait for emergency personnel.

This is among the more bizarre motorcycle accident stories recently but it highlights the potential danger that everyday streets can pose to motorcyclists. If you were driving in a car and you hit a curb as you tried to turn, the worst-case scenario is that you might flatten your tire. Most of the time, you’ll just hear a squeal and feel a bump and go on with your life.

However, if you’re on a motorcycle, hitting a curb can throw the entire bike off balance, throw you off of it and make you subject to significant injuries. This potential danger becomes worse when the potential negligence of other drivers is added to the equation. All it takes is one driver who is not paying attention to send you into the curb, or worse, to run into you and knock your motorcycle to the ground.

Motorcycle accidents happen all the time. Many times, these accidents are caused by car and truck drivers who are not paying enough attention. These sorts of crashes are a classic form of driving negligence and it is likely that a motorcycle driver can recover damages from the negligent driver.

If you or someone that you love has been killed or injured in a crash because of the negligence of another driver, our Missouri motorcycle accident attorneys at Page Law will fight to help you get the settlement that you deserve. Call us today at 314-322-8515.


Large Truck Runs Stop Sign and Collides with Motorcycle in Albany, Missouri

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A man was driving on US Highway 169 in a large truck on June 7, 2011, when he ran a stop sign and collided with a motorcycle carrying two people, according to The motorcycle was travelling down US Highway 136 when the driver of the truck pulled out without stopping. The motorcyclist was unable to stop or move over and ran into the side of the truck.

A woman was riding on the motorcycle with the motorcyclist when the Missouri motorcycle accident occurred. Both were taken to nearby hospitals. The driver of the motorcycle was said to have sustained moderate injuries but the woman was in serious condition and had to be airlifted from the scene of the crash. Police say that both were wearing helmets at the time of the incident.

Accidents like this are often caused when drivers do not see motorcyclists before they make a turn. To try to avoid accidents like the one above, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends that all riders wear high visibility gear. They argue that high visibility gear will increase the chances that another motorist will notice the motorcycle and, thus, make an accident less likely. They note that it is particularly important for riders to wear high visibility gear at night, when it can become even more difficult for other drivers to see motorcycles.

Have you been injured while riding your motorcycle because of the negligence of another driver? Call the St. Louis motorcycle crash lawyers of Page Law for free at 314-322-8515 and get the settlement that you deserve.


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