Heroin Involved in Bus Stop Accident

By John Page on October 5, 2010 - Comments off

A tragic accident occurred at a bus stop in North St. Louis County, according to

Two individuals were waiting for a bus at a bus stop around 3:30 in the afternoon, when a driver who was allegedly under the influence of heroin crashed into the bus stop. One source said the driver had a needle in his arm at the time of the crash and was most likely passed out when the accident occurred. The driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. However, the women that were hit were seriously injured. One woman who was hit had one of her legs severed. The other injured woman had a crushed ankle and broken leg. The accident is still under investigation, and no charges will be filed against the driver until the investigation is over.

Although drunk driving receives a great deal of attention, driving under the influence of legal or illegal drugs is a huge problem in the U.S. Some experts estimate that about 20 percent of all crashes in the U.S. are caused by “drugged driving”. In fact, according to the NHTSA, drugged driving is significantly more widespread than driving under the influence of alcohol.

Driving after the use of prescription or illegal drugs can have devastating consequences, both to the driver and to other drivers on the road. If you have been injured by someone who was driving while under the influence of drugs, help may be available. The other driver may be liable for your injuries and damage to your vehicle. Contact a skilled Missouri car accident attorney today. The lawyers at Page Law will work hard so you get what you deserve. Contact them today at 314-322-8515.

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